We live to eat!

Our mission is to get better foods to more people.

our story

We love our work!

European Food Marketing was founded by Svavar Halldorsson and few old and new friends from around the globe. What brings us together is our love of good food.

We belive that food is the most exciting field of work there is!

Our mission, to get more good food to more people via communication and marketing, is the vision that guides us every day.

Discover Our Menu

Our menu is a mix of marketing, PR, communication, customer relation management service and helping companies to get EU funding.

Be sure to ask about the daily specials when you get in touch with us!

Sample Menu


Take care of your customers.
You take care of what you do best. We will make sure that your customers are informed about what you are doing via newsletters, social media and events.


Get the money you need.
Marketing and product develpment costs money. We can help you to get the money you need from EU funds and other international funding oppertunities.


Find new markets.
We are expert in finding profitable new markets for good quality food. We have experience in Europe, America and Japan.

Book Your Table

We are happy to sit down with you and talk about what we can do for each other.

Phone, email and internet meetings are fine, but most of all we love to sit down and share a good meal while we talk business.

To book a table, call us +354-869-4940 or Click here

About European Food marketing

Open Hours

Mon – Sun: 24 hours opening.

We are mobile and our office is the world, mostly Italy, Iceland, UK, Japan and the USA.
Our legally registered address is:, Hjallabraut 66 220 Hafnarfjordur


Our legal Icelandic tax registration number (kennitala) is 640119-0390.